Natalie joined Sheffield Hallam University in 2016 as Senior Lecturer in Fashion Management & Communication, having previously been Lecturer in Fashion Industry at the University of Huddersfield. Natalie is currently Course Leader for Fashion Management & Communication MA.

Natalie’s current academic research interests are focused on Fashion Psychology, Fashion Subcultures, Fashion Bloggers / Blogging, Body Image and Tattooing.

meNatalie has a multidisciplinary academic background spanning life sciences and fashion history / communication. Gaining a PhD from The University of Manchester in Biochemistry – Archaeological Science, researching hair and material fibres from ancient remains. Her research interests have focused upon human interaction and views of the self, which has been pursued in both historical and modern areas of fashion Nature.com .

Prior to joining the University of Huddersfield Natalie was Associate Lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University, The University of Manchester and Nottingham Trent University, where she has lectured in Fibre Analysis, Archaeological textiles & personal appearance and more recently Fashion Communication & Promotion, Fashion Blogging & Bloggers.

Natalie also has a keen interest in Fashion Psychology and Sustainable Fashion developed working as Postdoctoral Research Associate for the TRANSFER project at The University of and London College of Fashion. The TRading Approaches to Nurturing Sustainable consumption in Fashion and Energy Retail project was a knowledge exchange venture funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) addressing issues of sustainability within the fashion and energy retail sectors Project-Transfer.com.

Appointed Academic Research Consultant for the Arts Council England (ACE) funded project entitled ‘The Cinderella Syndrome: Displaying shoes in museums’ with Northampton Museums and Art Gallery. Natalie contributed to a multi-disciplinary project which addressed the problems with displaying shoes in museums and retail from a practical and theoretical angle. The study discussed socio-psychological effects of boundary, social perceptions and cultural associations and the effect this has on consumers when they interpret physical display, be this in museum or retail environments The Cinderella Syndrome.

In addition to academic pursuits Natalie has vast experience working in the Fashion Industry with collaboration and consultations for well-known fashion brands and writing for contemporary fashion magazines. Natalie has worked as a columnist and features writer with Style etc. Magazine and Things & Ink Magazine, and has been a keen fashion blogger.