Exhibition: Reveal, Conceal


Exhibition: Reveal, Conceal. Costume & Fashion in practice & theory, University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield, UK. 5th-6th December 2016. 

There are many reasons people chose to become tattooed however one overriding theme is love. This can be romantic love, familial love, friendship, happiness in love and heartbreak. Tattoos are a visible means of expressing such powerful feelings however the true meaning is known only to the wearer. We might presume a heart shape relates to love, but we do not know the depth of meaning, or what compelled the wear to have these feelings permanently inked onto their skin. This project set out to collect tattoo stories relating to love, in gathering the stories the meaning behind the tattoos were revealed. This concept was further explored in the photographic series where the raw emotion behind the tattoo was stitched into the worn garment revealing concealed feelings and emotion.

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Natalie McCreesh: Natalie joined Sheffield Hallam University in 2016 as Senior Lecturer in Fashion Marketing & Communication, having previously been Lecturer in Fashion Industry at the University of Huddersfield. Natalie’s current academic research interests are focused on Sustainability, Fashion Subcultures, Fashion Bloggers / Blogging, Body Image and Tattoos. Natalie has a multidisciplinary academic background spanning life sciences and fashion history / communication. Gaining a PhD from the University of Manchester in Biochemistry – Archaeological Science, researching hair and material fibres from ancient remains. Her research interests have focused upon human interaction and views of the self, which has been pursued in both historical and modern areas of fashion.  Instagram gallery @shoes_and_tattoos

Mark Howe: Mark is a UK based photographer working mainly in portraiture. For work he captures the portraits of corporate clients who have ranged from suited city workers to fire fighters. It is people and their personalities who capture Marks heart; this shines through in his photography creating portraits that show the spirit of the sitter. Mark is an associate lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University, where his background in graphic design and experience in PR place him in good stead to contribute as creative consultant. http://www.markhowe.co.uk @howiehowe